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Auto correction of the aliasing

This application note describes how UDOP can correct in real-time the aliasing contained in a measurement.

Two methods are presented. The first one is based on some a priori knowledges and the second one is based on a new method we developed, based on two different PRF values.

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Measuring transient flows

In pulsed Doppler ultrasound, it takes some times to get the velocity information. If the flow conditions change during the measurement time, some essential assumptions in the computation procedure of the velocity are no more valid.

This application note point out the influence of some parameters on the quality of the computed velocity profile.

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Intensity of the US field after crossing a wall

When ultrasonic wave encounter an interface, the waves are reflected and refracted like in optics.

This application note will let you evaluate the amount of energy contained in the reflected and refracted waves

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More knowledges on the demodulated echo signals

The demodulated echo signal are the basic signal from which ultrasonic information are exctracted. A good understanding on these signals will help to perform better measurement.

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Using the power spectrum (FFT) of echoes coming from one gate

For each sampling volume, a single velocity value is given. This single value results from the computation of the mean power spectrum of the Doppler signal, which is a statistical value.

This application note explains how to get more information on the Doppler content inside a single gate.

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Influences of fixed and moving interfaces in the measurement of velocity profiles

One of the main advantages of UDV is its ability to realize velocity measurement without disturbing the flow, by placing the ultrasonic transducer outside and crossing the wall of the container. Crossing walls is unfortunately not without influences.

This application note describes the different phenomenas that may appear when the waves pass through a wall.

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